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The Home Loan Centre specialise in HomeStart loans.

 Get into your own home sooner

 With as little as 3% deposit

Deposits for HomeStart’s Graduate Loan and Low Deposit Loan start from 3% of the property value or purchase price, whichever is less. These options, along with the First Home Owner Grants, can reduce what you need to pay upfront.

 With less money upfront

HomeStart home loans have no monthly account keeping fees and you can avoid paying thousands in Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Instead, HomeStart has a Loan Provision Charge (LPC), which is significantly less than LMI for most borrowers.

Borrow more without increasing your monthly repayments
HomeStart’s range of top up loans can be added to a HomeStart loan to boost your borrowing power. This gives you more options when house hunting to choose a better location or bigger home to better suit your family. With most top up loans, there’s no need to make any repayments until your primary HomeStart loan has been fully paid.

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