Break Through Loan

Key Features

» No interest charges or repayments on the Break Through Loan

» Options to ‘buy back’ some of HomeStart’s share in the future

» On sale of your property you’ll share some of your home’s value change with HomeStart.

You can boost your borrowing power by up to 35% without increasing your monthly loan repayments,

The Home Loan Centre can assist you with getting started in a HomeStart Break Through loan.

You can also use Break Through to refinance your existing home loan so you can reduce your current repayments.

Example of a HomeStart Break Through Loan

Break Through Loan Scenario
HomeStart Loan$150,000
Break Through Loan$40,000
Total Loan facility$190,000
Property value (at start of loan)
Break Through Loan as a percentage of Property Value ($40,000 ÷ $200,000)20%
HomeStart’s share in future appreciation gains  (20% x 1.4)28%
Appreciation gains$25,000
HomeStart entitlement (28% of $25,000)$7,000
Your share of gains (72% of $25,000)$18,000
Property value loss$25,000
Your share of loss (80% of $25,000)$20,000
Break Through Loan as a percentage of Property Value ($40,000 ÷ $200,000)20%